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Market Overview

Market Size

ClickFlow Inc. (“ClickFlow” or the “Company”) occupies a unique market space because it serves as both an SEO optimization tool and a customer acquisition strategy that companies are increasingly deploying as an alternative to online advertising. According to Forbes, U.S. businesses are projected to spend approximately $80 billion on SEO services in 2020. Separately, eMarketer projects that U.S. digital ad spending will hit $150 billion in 2020. Given that ClickFlow bridges both of these industries, the Company’s total addressable market is estimated to exceed $80 billion.

Target Customers

ClickFlow’s target customers are websites with approximately 100,000 visits per month. Using Datanyze, a market research platform, ClickFlow has identified 59,000 websites that fit this criterion.


ClickFlow’s primary competitors are RankScience and distilledODN. However, the following competitive advantages, among others, set ClickFlow apart from these companies:

  • ClickFlow has already developed an audience of potential customers through its YouTube channel, two podcasts, international appearances at marketing conferences, and blog. Collectively, these media channels allow ClickFlow to reach approximately 1.4 million potential customers at an estimated cost of $15,000 to $20,000 per month.
  • Co-Founder Eric Siu owns a digital marketing agency called Single Grain, which works with notable clients, such as Nordstrom, Uber, and Salesforce, and is a recognized leader in the online marketing space.
  • ClickFlow intends to leverage its partnership with Cloudflare – a CDN with more than 10 million customers and 5,000 new customers daily – by targeting its mid-market to enterprise E-Commerce customers. This relationship will not only expand ClickFlow’s market reach but also allow it to save on infrastructure costs
  • ClickFlow is laser-focused on ensuring that its product achieves successful outcomes for its customers.